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 The Collaborative Series assembles both recent graduates of the nation’s foremost drama programs and veterans of New York theater for an evening of 15-minutes plays. The goal is two-fold: first, to offer young artists an opportunity to perform, and second, to welcome those new to the realm of professional theater into the community that awaits them.

Over 24 hours, twelve actors, three directors, and three playwrights create, rehearse, and perform three 15-minute plays. These actors and directors are unfamiliar to each other. These plays, inspired by a theme from classic literature, have never before been produced. Our audience will be privy to an evening of theater predicated on collaboration, risk, and instinct. 

SRT’s 2014 Collaborative Series

2014 Guidelines Theme: Change before you have to.  
Inspirational Text: “Get your facts straight; then you can distort them as you please.”
- Mark Twain 

Raul Julia is Dead. He’s Been Dead.   

By  Gregory Bonsignore; Directed by Will O’Hare; Project Manager: Rocky Vega 
Lars Berge (Juilliard), Ryan-James Hatanaka (NYU),  Danaya Esperanza (Juilliard), Daniel Reece (Yale)  

The Librarian
By Caroline V. McGraw; Directed by Nick Minas; Project Manager: Talia Feldberg 
Aundria Brown(UNCSA), Lauren Karaman(UNCSA), Gus Halper (UNCSA), Kate McGonigle (Juilliard)

The Treasure of Tarawa
By Rick Kunzi, Directed by Abigail Zealey Bess; Project Manager: Regina Strayhorn
Ronald Kirk (UCSD), Elia Monte-Brown (Yale), Michael Labbadia (UNCSA), Sathya Sridharan (NYU)

Sarah Testerman: Stage Manager, David A. Sexton: Lighting Designer, Winston Noel: Improv Coach

Past Collaborative Series Contributors

Maechi Aharanwa, Kristopher Alexander, Mando Alvarado, Mike Anderson, Terence Archie, Erica Bradshaw, Allison Bressi, Brian Coats, Megan Cook, Michael Jean Dozier, Laura Esposito, Natasha Galano, Nicholas Galbraith, Greta Gerwig, Aaron Gonzalez, Adam Guerra, Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Matt Harrington, Andy Hassell, Sarah Haught, Cedric Hayman, Ryan Hill, Matthew Hodge, Andrew Honeycutt, Ayo Jackson, Michael Johnson, Mark Karafin, Sean Kent, Jim Knable, Nicole Lane, Jeff Lewis, Michael Lluberes, Kerry Logston, Jeremiah Maestas, Billy Magnussen, Maggie Marlin, Krystal Marshall, Zoey Martinson, Amanda McCallum, Wendy McClellan, Nathaniel Mendez, Ian Merrigan, Mary Minges, Letecia Moore, Joshua Morgan, Ashley Morris, Keith Nelson, Robyne Parrish, Andrew Pastides, Diana Perez, Sarah Peyton Murray, Jon Pratt, Devin Preston, Christy Pusz, Aleque Reid, Luke Robertson, Julie Sharbutt, Emily Simoness, Rick Stear, Gaye Taylor Upchurch, Myra Thibault, Nicolas Townsend, Leah Walsh, Natasha Williams, Anthony Woffor, Ben Yannette