In Schools

educationSRT has a three-tiered approach to educational residencies specially tailored for the needs and interests of students grades K- 12. In conjunction with traditional educators, SRT Artists will explore classic works of literature, ranging from beloved children’s stories to the masterpieces of William Shakespeare. During the course of these workshops, SRT’s Artists will employ inventive physical and vocal exercises to encourage team building and educational growth.

Cover to Cover

Grades K-4

SRT Artists will assume the roles of the “Book Seekers,” a team of internationally celebrated archaeologists who will seek to uncover and explore the exciting environments and adventures contained within a teacher selected book. The desired effect of this workshop is to provide the students with a unique exploratory experience of the chosen book, by engaging in activities that incorporate NYS Learning Standards for the Arts.

Shakespeare: Outloud!

Grades 5-10

SRT Artists will tailor a residency focusing on a specific Shakespeare play selected by the teacher. Using movement, improvisation, modern language and vocal play, students will discover the immediacy and relevance of Shakespeare’s works. During the course of this workshop, students will also become familiar with terminology used in Shakespeare’s plays and be encouraged to share their personal viewpoints regarding his plays. This workshop will also focus heavily on ensemble building.


Grades 8-12

This improvisation-based workshop will utilize topical, student generated short stories as a jumping off point for the creation of an original theatrical project. The desired effect of this workshop is to provide the students with a forum to access their artistic voices, creating a strong stake in the material explored. Sample topics in the past have included:

  • Who inspires you and why?
  • What time in history would you most like to have lived during?
  • Explore a specific facet of the human experience; love, loss, bravery, jealousy. What do these words mean to you?

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